I find people make a lot of excuses. Excuses for not going out, not trying things, not opening themselves up to something new. I make them for myself too. My usual excuse is that I don’t feel like doing something; my mood seems to dictate everything I do actually. This is just how I am I’ve learned. I’m quite a moody person. Not in that I’m sitting around sulking all day but in that, if I feel energetic I will likely stand up and do something to use that energy. On the other hand, when I’m relaxed I’ll probably make a cup of tea for myself and sit at my computer and I don’t know… write a blog. I think it’s good to be able to understand how your mood affects you because then you know what you need to make yourself happy.

The trouble arises when my moodiness prevents me from doing things I feel I could gain something from; even something as simple as attending a public lecture or running errands. You’re almost always better off going for something rather than downplaying in your head and rationalizing that it’s not worth it. What is there to lose? Time? Comfort? I wonder if that is the case for me. I am often happy in my personal comfort zone and feel reluctant to give things a chance. I do once in a while, and I realize it’s usually worth it.

Today I made a decision to do something new. It wasn’t something of impressive or significant proportions but it was enough to make me feel something I don’t know I’ve ever felt. And I think that feeling keeps us alive and really living. Finding and feeling new things is, I think, the best thing about life. There are so many things to experience and emotions to feel but we have to be the one to seek them out or if we’re lucky enough for them to present themselves to us, we have to be brave enough to let them happen to us.

This opening ourselves up doesn’t have to be a big commitment either. Just, once in a while, say yes to something you normally wouldn’t, or get out and go somewhere new. I find when our eyes get used to the same things, our mind’s get tired too. I don’t want to feel tired anymore, I want to feel excited and amazed at the world. I want that sense of wonder. It’s really not as far as we might think.

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 4.22.08 PM


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