Simple Meaning


The simple things. I don’t exactly know how to define this. But I don’t think that matters. Everyone can think of something seemingly simple that brings them joy.

As I drove to school this morning, the sun shining, the sky blue amidst bright, white clouds, I couldn’t help but feel a smile stretch across my face. Gotye’s “Save Me” came on the radio and the optimistic yet ethereal melody seemed to be in harmony with the nature that surrounded me. These elements coming together made me feel untouchable. In that moment, I was purely happy.

I feel like it’s important to recognize these moments in life. No matter what is going on in your life outside of these experiences, I think finding joy in a simple thing makes you appreciate life. Although they are isolated, they make you feel as if you’re in touch with something bigger, something beyond the material. They’re a reminder that happiness comes from different sources and they can occur at any time. These moments of joy can give you a new perspective, as if you’re seeing the world through new eyes, even if momentarily.

So maybe these ‘simple things’ aren’t simple at all, at least, what they give us isn’t.

There’s something beautiful in finding meaning through simplicity.



About AliRaeOak

Studied Environmental Science/Works in Medicine/Adores Fashion/Obsessed with music/Constant daydreamer
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