Lessons From Dick Whitman

I watched a show earlier. It talked about how humans are imperfect. The reasoning was that when we are young we want many things and as we get older we only want more; we are never satisfied. Then when we are older we are still unhappy because we realize we’ve lost the things we once wanted.  It’s never enough until we’ve realized what we wanted is lost. This is a lesson revealed by many stories; novels, films, songs. Yet the tale continues to be told. Why is that? Is it because it is a classic moral, similar to counting ones chickens before they hatch? I think it’s because we keep making the same mistakes. Who in their life can say they have never taken something for granted?  Who can say they are completely satisfied with what they have? Why is it that we keep wanting more? Maybe it’s boring? Maybe it’s because, if we realize we have everything, we also realize we have everything to lose. Maybe it’s because we’re just scared.

I feel like I heard someone say that line before. I don’t feel like it is my own. But it makes sense to me. If we keep aspiring for something more we keep looking forward. Looking forward keeps us going. But if we focus on the present it’s static. It can’t take us anywhere. Then again that doesn’t seem like a bad thing for those who are happy with what they have. I am happy with what I have. I appreciate the things that are in my life, some of them. I wonder how many people just sit and think about what they have. I think it would be good. I think if we could just think of even one thing that makes our lives worth while, that makes us happy, that makes us feel like we have meaning, we wouldn’t wake up one day and feel like we never knew what we had until we lost it. We would still be imperfect, we would still want more, we would still take things for granted, but it’s a start.


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